Haverstock Health
The Lodge, 25 Mandela Street, London NW1 0DU

Welcome to Haverstock Healthcare LTD

Haverstock Healthcare is both a Federation of Camden GP surgeries, working to improve and advance GP services as well as a service provider, delivering both Primary and Secondary care services.

Our Federation

Haverstock Healthcare GP federation was established in 2008, we have a membership of 14 GP practices in Camden CCG, with a growing registered patient list size of around 150,000. The company is a not-for-profit organisation in which the GP practices in Camden are equal shareholders.

Our GP Federation’s aim is to support the GP surgeries in continuing to improve the quality of primary care in Camden CCG, and to plan the development, design and communication of local services utilising the skills and experience of the staff within our GP surgeries, local services and stakeholders and working with other local federations within the area. We want to improve patient pathways, making it easier to access the correct care when needed.

Patients and communities are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Services

Haverstock Healthcare work in partnership with and support to provision of services for Secondary Care, Community Care and Social Care, we offer a range of services across London.

We also offer consultancy services; sharing our skills and experience of delivering innovative models of care at federation level as well as across both Primary and secondary care services.